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Hey there!  I’m Karleigh, an award-winning luxury photographer & videographer.  I absolutely LOVE what I do and anyone who I have had the pleasure of working with can tell you it’s apparent in my fun, easy-going, go-with-the-flow personality.  Clients often tell me “you look so familiar” or “have we met before?”… I’m pretty sure you will have that instant level of familiarity and comfort as most of my clients do.  With having weddings and boudoir as my niches, that instant ease is a great quality to have in your photographer/videographer!

My passion for photography started in 2010 while I was obtaining my bachelor’s degree in graphic design.  For many years I focused on the design aspect and slowly started offering photography.  My daughter was born in 2017, she is my pride and joy, my reason for not giving up on my dream – having a successful business!  Our most recent family addition was born in 2020, our puppy, Freya.  Covid has given us all uncertainty but for me, it has certainly pushed my business in a positive direction allowing me to help clients in more ways than ever before. 

I’m an extremely creative individual who is eagerly waiting to meet you, my next client, to solve your creative needs!

Fun facts

about me


I became an entrepreneur in the 5th grade! I can recall the exact moment so vividly, it was a winter afternoon during recess. I brought to school that day my container of 50+ colors of string to make custom friendship bracelets. I charged $0.25 per bracelet and every client was able to choose their three colors!



I’m a good cook and baker. On a normal day for my daughter and myself I’ll stick to easy meals she will enjoy but when I cook for my boyfriend or a special occasion I’ll put in the effort! Soup is one of my favorites to make, I always freeze some of it for a quick meal later. I’m equally good at following a recipe and creating my own concoctions. The entry in me even came out through baking…I used to make homemade dog treats for sale, they were purchased in bulk by a groomer even. They were the kind you see at pet stores except I made them before they made an appearance in stores! I also used to make cake balls. I was a server at a restaurant and would sell them to my coworkers. I also made baskets of cake balls on sticks for special occasions. 



I will do what it takes for THE. PERFECT.  SHOT. I have laid on the ground, climbed rocks, even stood in the middle of a river and it’s always worth it!


Life Goals

i want to achieve



Being a single mom, my first and most important goal is to provide a comfortable living financially for my daughter and myself. I’m not one to rely on someone for help in any aspect. I’m more like one of those women who gets more determined the harder things are “supposed” to be. Moving the living room furniture around by myself….that’s me and my determination, who’s with me?!



Hit six figures with my wedding photography business then another six-figures with my boudoir photography business! It’s not even about the money aspect, of course that is great, it’s more so about helping so many couples be able to relive their wedding day, a day that is often times so chaotic that couples don’t even realize everything taking place…my photography and videography will capture so much of the day to cherish for the rest of their lives. With boudoir, I want to help women feel better than they ever thought they could. With the standards society has put in us as a whole, it eats away at us individually! I want to combat that one session at a time and show you how beautiful you are!




Travel. Travel for photography and travel for fun. I want to see so many beautiful places in this world and have my closest loved ones there to enjoy it with me. My top two bucket list locations are an Alaskan Aurora Borealis and an Australian safari photographing native animals. 


Your big day is very important!

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