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Cindy & Kevin

Cindy & Kevin

Golden Hour Cleveland Elopement

Local celebrity, Cindy Summer, and her fiance, Kevin Costello, reached out to me by email inquiring about my services and availability for their week-night elopement. A photographer friend of mine sent them my way because she already had their date booked. I was ecstatic and honored to be their elopement photographer because Cindy is a well-known psychic medium in the greater Cleveland area. 

Private Intimate Location

Cindy and Kevin were both very genuine and made me feel welcome to be such a big part of their magical sunset celebration.  Their choice of a whimsical, forest-like, private location, was secluded and oh-so-romantic. You can’t go wrong with golden hour, it is the most magical time of day!

Written in the Stars

Literally, their elopement was more than just choosing a date and time, it was written in the stars. They had composite astrology charts created by an astrologer, giving them the most auspicious date and time to be married! A wedding date is like picking out the birthday for your marriage. By taking the sky into account, you can see how this union will support your desire for kids, your careers, and your individuality all at the same time. Both individual charts were studied to determine the best date and time. Wedding astrology will also pinpoint your good and bad areas as a couple. 

Wedding Cake by Moonlight

After their wedding officiant performed the ceremony, we captured some fun and powerful wedding portraits. Some of just the bride, some of just the groom, and a lot of the two of them interacting together as bride and groom. Ending their celebration, the newlyweds cut and enjoyed their wedding cake together by moonlight. This astrological elopement could not have been more perfect!

Cleveland and Akron, Ohio Wedding  Photography and Videography

The Karleigh Collective is a luxury, woman-owned, wedding photography and videography company that takes a limited number of wedding couples per year. Led by Karleigh Potemry, she believes she is more than just a photographer – she’s a storyteller who will make you feel at ease, even if you feel awkward in front of a camera, and bring out the best in you on your special day. With her fun, easy-going personality and years of experience, Karleigh will turn your wedding into a timeless masterpiece. Get ready to have a one-of-a-kind experience with the best in the business! Learn more and become a TKC couple at!

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